Shipping Policy 外送条规


1) Same Day Delivery 当天发货:

a) Orders made before 12pm will be delivered after it has been processed before 7pm, except Sunday and Public Holiday.
下午12点前下单会在当天 晚上7点 前送到,除了星期日和公共假期。

**12/7 updated ** 


2) Next Day Delivery:

a) Orders after 3pm will be delivered on the following day between 11am to 2pm, except Sunday and Public Holiday.


3) The delivery fee is as follows 邮费征收:

  • The base delivery charge for all orders at is RM10.
    凡在 下单都会征收RM10的外送邮费,特殊情况除外。


4) It is your responsibility to ensure that the delivery information you entered in the website/mobile app is accurate and complete. Fresh Hub Online Store will not be liable for late delivery or non-delivery of your order resulted by incorrect delivery information. 
Fresh Hub Online Store 将不对任何因运送地址输入错误而导致的迟到或运送失误承担责任。请在下单前确保输入的地址正确 。